Compliance Reports

Stage 1 Final Acoustic Compliance Report.pdf

Stage 1 Final EPA Auditors Report.pdf

Stage 1 Acoustic Compliance Report Round 1

Stage 1 EPA Auditors Report Round 1

Stage 1 Acoustic Compliance Report Round 2

Stage 1 EPA Auditors Report Round 2

Stage 1 Acoustic Compliance Report Round 3

Stage 1 EPA Auditors Report Round 3

Bushfire Mitigation Plan

The most recent Bushfire Mitigation Plan is below:

Murra Warra Bushfire Mitigation Plan (20-21)

Planning Permits

If you would like to see development permits from the Minister for Planning issued for the 21 November 2016, you can view them on the Department’s website:

Simply search for permit reference numbers: PA1600127, PA1600128, PA1600129

Referral Applications

Under the Environmental Effects Act 1978, the project was referred to the Minister of Planning for Victoria and deemed not to require an Environmental Effect Statement.

To view the referral and decision notice, please go to the link below:

Under the Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Act 1999, the project was also referred to the Commonwealth and deemed not to be a controlled action. You can view a copy of the referral and decision notice by going to the below link and filtering by referral number 2016/7721.

Approved Plans

The following plans have been endorsed by the Minister for Planning and are published on the web site in compliance with the Permits.

Click on the titles to view the documents.

Environmental Management Plan

Appendix A: Construction and Work Site Management Plan

Appendix B: Construction Noise Management Plan

Appendix C: Sediment Erosion and Water Quality Management Plan

Appendix D: Dust Management Plan

Appendix E: Hydrocarbon & Hazardous Substances

Appendix F: Fire Prevention & Emergency Response Plan

Appendix G: Blasting Management Plan

Appendix H: Quarry Management Plan

Appendix I: Biosecurity Management Plan

Complaints Management Plan