Benefits: Growing the Economy

An independent study by Essential Economics shows that the project could generate an overall economic stimulus of up to $68M. This will be from construction and operational employment and spending, increased rates income to local councils, landowner lease payments, and the annual community fund.

You can view this on the Essential Economics Report Executive Summary.

Creating Job Opportunities

This project could generate up to 610 jobs during construction ­– both on site and in the wider community. Once up and running, we expect to provide employment for 15 local people and create up to 45 additional jobs in the region.

Tackling Climate Change

By increasing the proportion of electricity generated from renewable sources, the Murra Warra Wind Farm will help tackle climate change objectives set by Federal and State Government.

The Federal Government set a national goal of achieving 33GWh of electricity to be produced annually by renewable sources by 2020 (The Renewable Energy Target or RET).

To help combat greenhouse gas emissions, the Victorian Government in June 2016, announced new state renewable energy targets ­–­ 25% of electricity need met from renewable sources and 40% by 2020. To achieve this target, the government estimate that 5400MW of new renewable energy capacity will be needed.

A project the size of Murra Warra Wind Farm could reduce over 1.3 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and generate enough clean electricity to power 250,000 Victorian homes annually. 

Supporting Your Community

We’re committed to supporting your local community. Each year we put to the value of $1000 per turbine towards funding local community projects and good causes.

Benefits Report

To show how Murra Warra Wind Farm can benefit you and the community, we commissioned Essential Economics to conduct an independent study, outlining the benefits of the project.